P2 blog 23/2/17

Hello from Primary 2,
We reflected on our learning and discussed what we have enjoyed so far this term….
Evie is loving learning the school show songs and is looking forward to performing.
Jake has enjoyed learning to tell the time – he is good at o’clock and ‘a little bit of half past’.
Maisie has liked numeracy work with adding and subtracting.
Layla liked learning about fractions and now understands about halves.
Thomas really enjoyed doing the canal picture for the Round Table Competition.
Tom enjoyed the team games we did at PE.
Euan liked running around in PE and helping others in P2 with their fractions work. To find a half of something Euan knows to get cubes and say ‘one to you and one to me…’.
Fergus liked spending time with Mrs Ramsay (aww).
Archie enjoyed drawing the canal picture too, he drew a boat in his.
Ben liked this as well, he enjoyed choosing the colours he needed.
Amelie liked doing French, we were counting up to 30 and we played ‘Bingo’ to check we knew our numbers.
Alasdair thinks his canal drawing is very good and he is pleased with it.
Erin loved playing bingo in French. Ooh la la!
Oscar enjoyed this too. He thought it was great fun.
Anna got all of her numbers except one and she was very excited!
Ross won our game of bingo and he was very good at helping others remember all the numbers in French. Well done Ross.
Gabe enjoyed the canal drawing competition and he drew ‘Victoria’ because his Grandpa used to ‘drive it and fall off it a few times too.’
Violet enjoyed co-operating with her friends in the Zone.
James liked drawing the people on the boats in his canal drawing entry.

P2 blog 9/2/17

This week in P2 Miss Cuthbert is happy to be back and has been very impressed with our singing for the school show. In Maths we have moved onto Money. Yesterday we looked at the different coins, their colours, size and shape. Today we added different coins to make a given total and identified which coins make a given amount (select 3 coins that make 27P). Miss Cuthbert will update our maths learning wall soon to reflect our future learning. In spelling we have been continuing with the ‘au’ sound (because) with Miss Cuthbert and will move onto ew (flew) next week. In writing we have been designing posters for the school show and looking at the importance of font (letter) size to grab the viewers’ attention as well as key information. Homework will remain as it is until Miss Cuthbert is back fulltime.

We hope everyone enjoys their February break and we look forward to settling back into our normal routines on Wednesday 15th February. Family/Friends could discuss the different coins, notes and bank cards in your purse/wallet with your child to familiarise them with different methods of payment.


P2 blog 3/2/17

Hello from Primary 2,
This week has been our WOW (Week Of Work) jotter week so we have had fun including all our learning for the week in these jotters.
The school show rehearsals are continuing. Children are encouraged to learn any words they may have and all the song words too please. We have also sent home a note about costumes and we appreciate your help with this.
Reading will continue to be on Mondays and Thursdays at the moment and all P2s also have Fry’s Common Words lists they can read and spell. We’ve been hearing all the different ways being tried at home – lovely to hear!
We have been busy with lots of Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Well Being.
It’s another VLG day on Friday and we always enjoy learning with others from throughout the school.
Euan and Annie represented Primary 2 at the unveiling of the plaque in the Rose Gardens, to remember Ronnie, our much loved and missed lollipop man. Thank you Euan and Annie, we had a lovely class discussion about all our memories of Ronnie.
We have begun our entries for the Linlithgow Round Table Marches Magazine drawing competition, thinking carefully about the Union Canal, an important part of Linlithgow’s heritage.
Mrs Brockbank was our teacher on Thursday and Friday this week and it was fun getting to know her. Mrs Johnston taught us about food chains too.
Thanks to our Primary 6 Chums for looking after us on Tuesday afternoon and helping with our Reflections and WOW jotters. We also had fun outdoors on a shape hunt.
Have a lovely weekend everyone (Zippy will be en route to someone’s house this weekend too)
Mrs Ramsay and Primary 2.

P2 blog 27/1/17

Hello again from P2!
We have been enjoying learning more songs for our school show and discussing the different parts too. Song words will be sent home very soon as some of the children have been asking for these – enjoy the extra singing at home!! Parts have also now been allocated and some children have their script too (if they chose a speaking role).
In Health and Wellbeing, we’ve been discussing the importance of a clean and tidy school and classroom and we all tidied our trays. We also discussed the importance of looking after books and looking after the class Library.
Lots of numeracy has been covered and we have worked hard individually and with partners using the Rekenreks to help us. In Maths we learned about halves and quarters with Mrs Johnston on Wednesday. We also created beautiful Loch Ness Monster artwork.
It was interesting to discuss the different Scots words we know and recognise and we enjoyed watching and listening to The Gruffalo in Scots.
We are looking forward to the P4T assembly on Friday 27th – we always enjoy class assemblies
In French our focus was numbers and we are getting pretty confident counting up to 31!
Our music appreciation this week was A Night on the Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky and we are looking forward to some Drama based around Inside Out.
PE with Mrs Cameron was good fun and we worked hard on our ball skills.

At the moment, reading is for Mondays and Thursdays and we also have common words lists which we can read and spell at home too. Thank you for your support with this. School show song words and lines (if children have opted for a speaking role) can also be learned at home – thank you.

Have a lovely weekend!
P2 and Mrs Ramsay

P2 blog 20/1/17

Hello from Primary 2!!
We are very excited as we have started learning some of the lovely songs for our school show ‘The Last Monster in Scotland’. Everyone has been trying very hard as there are lots of words to learn and the songs are a bit tricky! We have been learning lots about Scotland with Mrs Ramsay and Miss Tully (on Wednesdays). It was interesting to learn more about Robert Burns, tartan, thistles and Greyfriars Bobby. This ties in very well with our school show, which we will perform with Primary 3. Our favourite songs so far are ‘Drumnadrochit’ and ‘A Wee Bit Doolally!’.
In Maths and Numeracy we have concentrated on time (o’clock and half past), fractions (halves and quarters) and number patterns. These are all areas which can be consolidated at home please. In Literacy we have completed functional writing (a menu), imaginative (The Bear Family) and personal (My Weekend News), thinking carefully about vocabulary, correct use of punctuation and accurate spelling.
Music appreciation has been something different and we have enjoyed listening to Mars from ‘The Planets’ by Holst and In the Hall of the Mountain King from ‘Peer Gynt’ by Grieg.
We’ve enjoyed Chum time with P6, where we created fantastic stories together and some time with P7 where we designed robots.
Mr Stewart (West Lothian Lead Officer for Primary PE) is coming today to teach Primary 2 and we are looking forward to that.
We look forward to seeing Miss Cuthbert when she returns to school. Have a lovely weekend.

P2 blog 16/12/16

This week in P2 we have started joined up writing. We were joining the letters u and n. In Maths we have been adding 2 digits to 2 digits. We used number grids, Deans Materials and some of us worked in a group together. We have also been looking at time. We used analogue clocks to set the time to o’clock and half-past. It was our last paired reading session on Monday as we will be doing new reading activities in term three through the Reading Routes scheme and fry’s words with our reading homework. We had a little taster of the fry’s words on Monday. For spelling we have been revising our aw, ow, ay, oi, ow, oy and ue. We have been working in teams to find as many words with these rules by scanning the text in our library books. It is a lot of fun and we are earning a lot of counters. In PE we carried on with dancing and performed our routine to the whole school. In Science we investigated bendy and non-bendy items and listed them into groups. Luckily we never broke anything. We also received letters from Santa. It was very exciting. We also had a visit from some elves who are hiding our sweets from the advent calendar. We made wanted posters to catch them but now we think they are sad as Santa gets all the attention at Christmas. So we are going to write them letters thanking them for all their hard work. Next week is a short week as we are preparing for Christmas. We wish everyone a happy and restful holiday.

P2 blog 9/12/16

This week in P2 we have been learning about fog and how it is formed. Fog happens when cold moist air meets warm moist air. We created some fog landscapes using chalk. In Art we made Christmas puddings using crepe and tissue paper (it was a lot of fun). In spelling we learnt the oi rule and found many words in our reading books with the oi sound. In maths we have been doing subtraction sums. Miss Cuthbert was super impressed and gave us all a sticker. We have finished our first handwriting book and are now moving onto joined up writing. On Wednesday we had our Christmas lunch. We wore Christmas jumpers and some people wore reindeer ears and hats. It was very yummy. In PE on Tuesday we did Basic Moves and Fizzy activities (these activities help or coordination) and on Wednesday we continued with our dance with Mrs Cameron. On Thursday the whole school watched The Secret Life of Pets together. It was really nice to sit with all the other children in the school and have a nice treat together.

No homework will be set for next week (but if you wish to help your child find the aw, oi, ue, ea, ow and ay sounds in their books at home or other text when you are out and about they can earn a counter for every word they find) J . The following week is our Christmas party and Santa might come along…..we are super excited!!

P2 blog 2/12/2016

This week in P2 we have been working on the sound aw (jaw) in reading and spelling. If we find a word with aw in it we have to sound it out and show Miss Cuthbert. We get one counter for every word we find. We add up our counters on Friday’s and whoever has the most counters chooses a toy first for golden time (we also earn counters for being kind, making an effort, good manners etc.). In ICT we learnt how to change font size, style and colour using Microsoft Word. We used these skills to write a letter to Santa Claus. Some of us made fancy writing and some of us made multi coloured writing. In maths we have continued with addition and started to work on bar charts. In topic/science we created a diagram to show how water turns into rain. We also learnt how a snowflake is formed and made some snowflake art using crayons and paint. In PE we continued with dancing and learnt some yoga moves to help us stay flexible. We have almost finished our first handwriting booklet in P2 and will be moving onto joined up writing.

Next week in spelling we will be working on oi (boil). Christmas lunch is on Wednesday the 7th and we can wear Christmas jumpers and party hats.

P2 blog 25/11/16

We have had a different week in P2 without Miss Cuthbert and we look forward to her returning.
We started the week with Paired Reading with our lovely P6 Chums. It’s always fun to spend time with them! We also enjoyed a special Assembly with Gavin from Scripture Union then some Chum Time outside. It was very cold but we worked well on our Scavenger Hunt. We’ve been busy learning the songs for the Nativity so we can help Primary 1. We even had a singing time with Primary 7s and we all loved the ‘sing-off’!!
Primary 2 pupils all over Scotland have been given Read Write Count bags this week and our Numeracy afternoon for parents/carers/families focused on the numeracy aspect of these. Thank you very much to everyone who came along to the P2 classroom. We spent a lot of time on Tuesday discussing number patterns, different games we could play with the board games and the dice. We talked about how it is good if we can subitise when rolling the die/dice. (We also learned that there is one die and two or more dice!) Please take time to look at the website www.readwritecount.scot
Home | Read, Write, Count
Every day is special when you. Read, Write, Count. Read, Write, Count is here for parents with young children. It’s packed with ideas that make children happier and …

In Science and topic, we learned about how rain is formed and we discussed different cloud formations.
On Wednesday, we had PE with Mrs Cameron and Music with Mrs Dickson and did lots of fun learning with Miss Tully. We’ve also concentrated on numbers in French – this ties in nicely with our Numeracy focus this week.
It was exciting to hear about Zippy’s adventures at Euan’s house at the weekend and we look forward to seeing where Zippy will spend next weekend!
We did our reading in school as normal this week but we decided as a class that there would be no other homework (with Miss Cuthbert being off and us having Rookie Rockstars). Rookie Rockstars was fantastic fun and helped us remember some very important messages about anti-bullying. Thank you to all the P2s and families who came along to participate on Tuesday or Wednesday evening.
On Thursday we wrote about things we are thankful for to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in America. We had lots of very thoughtful ideas which we shared altogether, linking them to our RRS learning.
We ended the week with Vertical Learning Groups – it’s always good to have time learning so many different things with our friends from P1 to P7!!
Have a lovely weekend.
Thank you from Primary 2 and Mrs Ramsay

P2 blog 18/11/16

This week in P2 we have had a lot of fun taking part in Rookie Rockstars. We had great fun learning the words to the songs as well as the dance moves. We really enjoyed the questions and answer sessions and the challenges. The challenges were a lot of fun especially when the teachers took part.
In maths we have been learning about place value (tens and units). We used Deans Materials to answer sums and we played Shark attack on Topmarks Maths to show our understanding. In PE we continued to develop our dance routines with Mrs Cameron. In spelling we have been revising ow, ay, ea and ue. In writing we have been working on adjectives to describe characters.
Next week in spelling we will be working on the aw (draw) sound. Tuesday afternoon is the Maths open afternoon (2:15pm-3pm). We are looking forward to working with our family/friends who attend but understand that some people might not be able to come along. PE will be as normal on a Wednesday and Thursday. Rookie Rockstar performances are on Thursday and Wednesday evening. At 6:30pm.