P2 blog 17/11/17

In P2 this week we have had lots of fun preparing for our class assembly. We all created our own sound track by drawing a musical swirl of a storm. We all played different musical instruments to represent wind, rain, thunder, lightning and waves crashing. We have all chosen our parts for our assembly and are looking forward to performing to the whole school. In maths we have continued with place value and using different resources to add 2 digits to 2 digits. We also looked at adding with a missing number such as ? + 7 = 12, 17 + ? = 23 etc. In reading and spelling we have continued with our fry’s words and worked on this week’s sound (ue-blue, glue). In writing we wrote a letter to the elves in the North Pole. We wanted to ask them if any of the elves will be coming to our class and be our elf on the shelf. Hopefully they will write back soon.

Next week in maths we will work more on missing number addition sums and place value. In phonics our sound will be aw as in jaw, draw and crawl etc. In PE we will continue with skipping before moving onto ball skills.

P2 blog 09/11/2017

This week in P2 we have been consolidating our previous learning of phonics from P1 and the start of P2. We covered the following sounds sh, ch, th, ng, wh, ph, ee, oo, ck, ai, oy, oa, qu, ay, ea, ow (low and how sounds). In maths we have been using concrete materials such as Numicon, Seal and Deans materials to make two digit numbers. We then worked in pairs and used the concrete materials to work out addition sums. In PE we have moved on from hula hoops and we are now using skipping ropes. We have improved a lot but still need to do a bit more foot work to skip properly. In writing we are continuing to work on the layout of a letter as well as adding connectives such as but, and, because and so. We also looked at Nouns (naming words) and sentence structure. In topic we learnt facts about hurricanes. We learnt that the centre of a hurricane storm is called The Eye of the Storm and that the weather below the eye is calm but all around the eye of the storm is extreme rain and wind. Sometimes hurricanes cause thunder, lightning and floods. In French we learnt about the names of colours with Mrs Ramsay. Also this week we made autumn pictures with our chums. We collected brown and orange leaves and made a Hedghog.

Next week is our class assembly (school only). We have been working on speaking aloud to a large audience so we are a little excited and nervous but mostly excited to perform in front of the whole school and share our learning on Skara Brae. For phonics we will be working on the sound ue (blue) and in maths we will continue to look at place value in addition.

P2 blog 3/11/17

In PE we are learning how to skip using hula hoops. We went outside and had skipping races. It was a lot of fun. Once we are confident skipping with hula hoops we will move on to skipping ropes. In maths we have been working on numbers to 100. Using a number grid to one hundred we have been answering questions such as What are the 2 numbers after 45? What are the 2 numbers before 27? As well as counting on and backwards. We also had a go at writing numbers above 100 such as 101, 102,103 etc. and looked at the terms Hundreds, Tens and Units. We then used numicon to make sums, number patterns and number sequences. In spelling we have been looking at the other sound for ow as in how, crown and down. In handwriting we have been going over the letter i. On Tuesday we had an assembly by Edinburgh Zoo. They gave as a presentation about Scottish wildlife and how their habitats are being destroyed by pollution and vandalism. We also made some pumpkins, bats and mummy bookmarks for Halloween. For ICT we learnt how to log on to the lap tops. We worked in 3’s and took turns to type and move the mouse pad. We then used google to search for SKARA BRAE BBC. Then we played the different activities on the website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/primary/skarabrae/). It was a lot of fun and we learnt a bit more about Skara Brae whilst playing the games. In writing we learnt how to layout a thank you letter. We wrote a letter to the ladies from the Royal Bank of Scotland to say thank you for helping us learn about how we use money. We are using connectives such as but, because, so then as well as and.
Next week Homework and PE are as normal. We will be continuing numbers to 100 in numeracy and connectives in writing.

Next week in spelling we will be consolidating our spelling/phonic sounds ow, ow, etc.

P2 blog 27/10/17

In P2 this week we all shared our holiday news and wrote a little about what we did in our writing jotters. This week in writing we have been assessing our own work for capital letters, full-stops, neat handwriting and making sure that any letter with a tail goes over the line. In maths we are sequencing numbers to 100 as well as completing our daily sums. In spelling and phonics we have been working on the ow sound (grow, snow) and we have been working with our new reading books for next week’s homework. In handwriting were working on lower case s and f. We all won a sticker and a counter for our table points as Miss Cuthbert said our work was beautiful and neat. In RME we learnt about the Festival of Diwali. We learnt that the festival is celebrated by people who follow the religion Hindu. The festival is to celebrate good conquering bad. People gather at street parties, play games and dance. There have lots of lights and fireworks lighting up the night sky. In PE we are learning how to skip. We played some circuit games with skipping included. Next week we are going to learn how to skip using a hula hoop. In Art we learnt how to use pastels and how to blend with our finger. We created fun monster portraits. This week we also had visitors from The Royal Bank of Scotland. They helped us learn about how we use money, how people bartered before money existed as well as wants and needs. We were all given a big certificate and a goodie bag for working well.

Next week are looking at the sound ou as in out, mouse, house. In Maths we are continuing with numbers to 100. Homework is due on Monday.

P2 blog 6/10/17

In P2 this week we have been working on 3D shape and patterns. We played lots of fun games to learn the names of 3D shapes such as sphere, cylinder, cone, cube and cuboid. For patterns we went outside and collected found objects to make patterns with. We got counters for our table jar if we could name any of the found objects 3D names. In writing we wrote a set of instructions on how to wash your hands using first, next, now, then and last as sentence starters. In French we are learning the days of the week and with Mrs Ramsay we went over greetings. For chum time we designed ourselves as superheroes and then used different art materials such as paint and card to make them into art pieces. In spelling we have been going over the sound ay and if we see a word with the ay sound in it Miss Cuthbert gives us a counter for our table points when we read the word aloud to her. In PE we are continuing with our Basic Move skills. This week we used the skills to play Dodge Ball safely. Also in maths we learnt how to layout addition and minus sums in our jotters.

Next week we will be going over the sound ea as in (leaf). In maths we will continue with 2D and 3D shape as well as patterns and how to layout sums in our jotters. Next Tuesday and Wednesday are Parents Evening so we hope you have booked your appointment so Miss Cuthbert can tell you how wonderful we are.

P2 blog 29/9/17

In P2 we have been going over 2D shape in maths and looking at patterns. We designed our own 2D patterns to show our understanding. We linked our learning of patterns to our topic Skara Brae and designed symmetrical necklaces. We also made our own necklaces out of clay. In spelling we have been writing silly sentences and played spelling games for ck, oy, ai, oa and qu. For Health and Wellbeing we have listened to the story of Dentist Rabbit and the Tooth Defenders. We learnt that you need to brush your teeth twice a day and for two minutes each time. You can use floss to get in-between your teeth. Sugary treats, juice and not brushing your teeth means you will need fillings at the dentist. We will be given homework linked to our learning in HWB. In PE we continued our basic moves skills (hand and foot) with Miss Cuthbert and Mrs Clapton. For writing we wrote instructions on how to brush your teeth. We used the words first, then, next and last at the start of our sentences.
Next week we start the sound ay for spelling and phonics as in day, away and play. In maths we will be looking at patterns and 3D shape.

P2 blog 22/9/17

In P2 this week we have been given our reading homework. It is due in on Monday 25th September. In Maths we have been playing addition games and have started 2D shape. We will continue 2D shape next week. In writing we made a poster about classroom rules and focused on capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. In spelling we have been going over Fry’s words and are having mini tests at the end of each day. In Reading we have been looking at our new book for next week. In PE we went over hand and foot skills whilst playing ball and hoop games.

Next week PE is on Monday and Wednesday. For spelling and phonics we will be revising ck, ai, oy, oa,qu and start a new sound the following week. In maths we will be working on 2D shape.

P2 blog 15/9/17

In primary 2 we have been drawing kings and queens plus castle workers for our Linlithgow Palace display. We have started our new topic Skara Brae. We watched a video about Skara Brae and drew Skara Brae houses in class. In writing we have been learning how to lay out our work correctly and neatly. In maths we have been playing maths addition games with our chums and sums in our work books. We also played bingo with numbers up to 100. In spelling we have been using our elk boards to sound out our phonics wh, ph, oo and ee. In PE we played different games to improve our ball skills. In reading we have been following the different activities for Reading Café with our new reading book. For HWB we learnt how to wash our hands correctly. We now understand that cold water does not wash away all the germs on our hands and that we need to use warm soapy water. We also need to rub our hands and in between our fingers.
Next week we are off on Monday and Tuesday so we will be going over Fry’s words for spelling and our homework is due in on the first day back.

P2 blog 8/9/17

This week in P2 we have been finishing off our topic Linlithgow Palace and are ready to start our new topic Skara Brae next week. In Maths we used cubes, pencils, hands and feet to measure length. We also identified the longest, smallest, shortest and tallest from given objects. Next week in maths we will be learning addition.  In spelling and phonics we went over the sounds sh, ch, th and ng. Next week we will be revising the sounds wh, ph, ee and oo.  In Reading we have all been given a new book for next week’s homework. In class we have read to our teacher and a friend. On Monday the Photographer will be in school so we need to remember to dress smartly.

P2 blog 1/9/17

In P2 this week we have been revising number order in maths as well as addition and subtraction. In writing we have been doing some dictation to show our understanding of letter formation and punctuation. In PE we have been going over Basic Moves skills whilst playing dodge ball. Our first topic in P2 is Linlithgow Palace. We have been learning different facts about the history of the palace such as who lived there, who was born there, why people went (en route Edinburgh to Stirling), what it looks like. The children then built the palace using construction materials with their chums.

Next week we will be revising the phonic sounds sh, ch, th and ng as well as more maths and writing skills. PE is on a Monday morning first thing and Wednesday after lunch. Homework starts on Monday 4th September and will be collected in the following Monday (11th September).