P2 blog 22/9/17

In P2 this week we have been given our reading homework. It is due in on Monday 25th September. In Maths we have been playing addition games and have started 2D shape. We will continue 2D shape next week. In writing we made a poster about classroom rules and focused on capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. In spelling we have been going over Fry’s words and are having mini tests at the end of each day. In Reading we have been looking at our new book for next week. In PE we went over hand and foot skills whilst playing ball and hoop games.

Next week PE is on Monday and Wednesday. For spelling and phonics we will be revising ck, ai, oy, oa,qu and start a new sound the following week. In maths we will be working on 2D shape.

P2 blog 15/9/17

In primary 2 we have been drawing kings and queens plus castle workers for our Linlithgow Palace display. We have started our new topic Skara Brae. We watched a video about Skara Brae and drew Skara Brae houses in class. In writing we have been learning how to lay out our work correctly and neatly. In maths we have been playing maths addition games with our chums and sums in our work books. We also played bingo with numbers up to 100. In spelling we have been using our elk boards to sound out our phonics wh, ph, oo and ee. In PE we played different games to improve our ball skills. In reading we have been following the different activities for Reading Café with our new reading book. For HWB we learnt how to wash our hands correctly. We now understand that cold water does not wash away all the germs on our hands and that we need to use warm soapy water. We also need to rub our hands and in between our fingers.
Next week we are off on Monday and Tuesday so we will be going over Fry’s words for spelling and our homework is due in on the first day back.

P2 blog 8/9/17

This week in P2 we have been finishing off our topic Linlithgow Palace and are ready to start our new topic Skara Brae next week. In Maths we used cubes, pencils, hands and feet to measure length. We also identified the longest, smallest, shortest and tallest from given objects. Next week in maths we will be learning addition.  In spelling and phonics we went over the sounds sh, ch, th and ng. Next week we will be revising the sounds wh, ph, ee and oo.  In Reading we have all been given a new book for next week’s homework. In class we have read to our teacher and a friend. On Monday the Photographer will be in school so we need to remember to dress smartly.

P2 blog 1/9/17

In P2 this week we have been revising number order in maths as well as addition and subtraction. In writing we have been doing some dictation to show our understanding of letter formation and punctuation. In PE we have been going over Basic Moves skills whilst playing dodge ball. Our first topic in P2 is Linlithgow Palace. We have been learning different facts about the history of the palace such as who lived there, who was born there, why people went (en route Edinburgh to Stirling), what it looks like. The children then built the palace using construction materials with their chums.

Next week we will be revising the phonic sounds sh, ch, th and ng as well as more maths and writing skills. PE is on a Monday morning first thing and Wednesday after lunch. Homework starts on Monday 4th September and will be collected in the following Monday (11th September).

P2 blog 9/6/17

It was Violet’s birthday on Monday and we gave her a pink balloon.  At the end of the day we went to the Zone and played with different equipment.  It was fun.

It was raining cats and dogs on Tuesday but we still walked along to the Rugby Club.  There was a Book Festival on and our books were colouring books drawn by an illustrator, Eilidh Muldoon.  She got us to draw and colour pictures to stick on a great huge drawing of the Palace, the Church and the Peel.  By the time we got back to school we were soaking wet!  Thank you to the parent helpers who came with us.

We had Mrs Cameron on Wednesday.  We did Art instead of Science.  Our pictures were sponge paintings of dandelion clocks.  We also had Chum Time with P6s and we did some Creative Thinking, designing restaurants!

Two of our chrysalides emerged as Painted Lady butterflies.  They looked amazing once they had dried their wings.

On Thursday Mrs Laurie came back.  She was so delighted because she was able to see the third butterfly emerge.  We have been doing CEM quizzes this week and Mrs Kerr says we are all stars because we worked brilliantly.


Mrs Laurie and Primary 2


P2 blog 2/6/17

We’ve had a busy week doing lots of Outdoor Learning.  On Tuesday we made twig houses for possible visiting mini aliens.  It was great fun!  We did ‘Forces’, push and pull, with Mrs Cameron on Wednesday, then focused on hand-eye co-ordination when we were outside doing PE.  On Thursday we worked along with P4T, investigating how to make ‘unpoppable’ bubbles.  We thought that the secret ingredient is glycerin and we were right!  We’re going to make up some more mixture next week using our own recipe:-

Fairy liquid – two parts, Glycerin – half part and cold boiled water.  We also found that covered garden wire makes excellent bubble wands.

Layla was a life-saver when she brought in her Butterfly Habitat for our chrysalides.  Evie was able to tell us exactly what to do because she is ‘mothering’ butterflies at home too!  Thanks girls!

Gabe is getting to be a whizz with Code Cracker work.  He’s gone from taking 1.21 minutes to finishing in 26.7 seconds!  The target is 30 seconds.  Wow!

Welcome to our new P2 as well 😊


Mrs Laurie and Primary 2


P2 blog 19/5/17

We got a huge surprise on Monday when we saw our caterpillars.  They had grown to a massive 2cm!  By the end of the week though, the biggest one had grown to 4.5cm.  We think they might pupate over the weekend – that means they turn into Supa Dupa Pupas! Or Chrysalides if you prefer.  It’s all very exciting.

On Monday, we had a very special visitor.  It was from Lee who is an SSPCA officer.  She told us that we shouldn’t touch injured wild animals, but phone for help from the SSPCA.  Lee also showed us a video about how they help animals in need.  We loved the bit about how they saved a baby deer (fawn) whose mother was killed. She also gave us all a pencil sharpener.

We watched a live show on Book Bub with Alex T. Smith, who is the author and illustrator of the Claude books.  He even showed us how to draw Claude and Sir Bobblysock.  We have just begun reading our second Claude book.  It’s title is ‘Claude on Holiday’ and we are loving it!

We are also learning about the Moon.  We’ve found out that there are eight phases of the Moon and we’ve got a brilliant song that helps us to remember their names and the order they come in.

On Tuesday we started to come straight into class when the bell goes.  We don’t have to have to line up outside anymore.  We have been liking this very much.


Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie 😊


P2 blog 12/5/17

On Tuesday we had a brilliant surprise when a parcel for P2 was delivered to our room. It was a tub with five larvae – all of them eventually METAMORPHOSING into Painted Lady butterflies. We can’t tell one from the other, so we’ve called them all ‘Cal’. We’ll tell you next week how much they have grown. They’re about 2cm today.
We’ve also learned about the life cycle of a frog. We learned that the sun has to be really hot before its heat can make a difference to our ‘shapes on black paper’ pictures. It didn’t work, so we will try it again when the sun is much stronger.
Thursday morning (Sports Day) was great fun, except for those of us who don’t like stuff like that. We say ‘We can’t be good at everything, and it’s not about winning, but taking part. We can only try our best’.
Mrs Laurie and Mrs Ramsay think we are all wonderful anyway!!

Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie

P2 blog 5/5/17

At Science with Mrs Cameron we found out about different kinds of energy – light, sound, heat and kinetic!! We were also finding out about the circle of life. Elephants are like us. They get upset when one of them dies. We went outside with Mrs Laurie and had a go at climbing on the new climbing equipment. A few of us found it a bit tricky but most of us managed it eventually. The best part of the week was the Elephant’s Tea Party. Sophie won an elephant leather money box. Tom won a super butterfly bookmark and others won books, games, balloons and pens. It was great fun and we had a ball!

Primary 2 and Mrs Laurie

P2 blog 28/4/17

We’re using magnetic letters on our own boards to make _o_e say ‘o’. We made a folder with a front illustration for our topic ‘Changes’. We put the magnetic letters into stronger plastic bags, alphabetically and attached them to the wall with magnetic tape.
We made a game to match Numicons with numbers and we’ve practised double numbers and halves. We’ve also learned a new mental maths game ‘Around the World’.
We’ve had loads of exercise doing athletics with Mrs Clapton and games outside with Mr Stewart.
Our biggest new word is metamorphosis.
Have a lovely holiday weekend!
Mrs Laurie and P2