P2 blog 23/2/18

This week we have continued with magic e in spelling and phonics. We have been looking at o-e words such as stole, rope and bone. In writing we wrote an imaginative story about space using our sentence starts. In Maths we have been learning about division by sharing a group of items out equally such as 10 shared equally by 5 = 2 etc. We have started our first week of Paired Reading with our chums. It is a lot of fun and we are enjoying picking our own books as well as reading to our chums. We have also started Reading Routes. It is fun because we get to work in groups and share our thoughts before we answer the questions. We worked together to think of questions beginning with who, what, why, where and when to ask Cinderella and her ugly sisters. We then took on a role as Cinderella, an ugly sister or a reporter. We then filmed ourselves carrying out the interview like you would see on TV. We had to remember to face the camera, speak clearly and not mumble. It was a lot of fun and we had a bit of a giggle when we watched the interviews on the Smartboard.
For Topic we drew our own portraits and wrote a sentence about what we want to be famous for when we are older. Some of us want to be inventors, scientists, architects, anthropologists, sports stars, charity workers and actresses. For our new topic Global Warming we discussed what it is and what we want to learn about it. Our focus is plastic so we are interested in learning why we use so much of it. In PE we are working on our balancing skills. Standing on one leg is getting easier but standing on our tip toes and staying still is hard.

Next week is the school show with P5 and P6 performing on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but we get to watch their last rehearsal on Monday afternoon. We also have a visit from the SSPCA on Thursday as well as an author coming in to do some story telling.

P2 blog 16/2/18

In P2 this week we have been writing in our new diaries. We get to take the diaries home and write about things we have done over the week or at the weekend. Inside our diaries are writing targets and a helpful word list. On the word list there is space so we can add any words we might use often in our diaries. We need to bring our diaries in every Monday so we can share what we have been up to with our friends. In maths we worked more on the concept of multiplication by grouping given amounts such as 3 groups 4, 2 groups of 6 etc. We also learnt about eating a healthy diet in Health and Wellbeing. We learnt that our bodies need nutrients from fruits and vegetables. We also learnt a little about food groups. We used this knowledge to make our own healthy lunch boxes. Also in health and wellbeing we made friendship birds for our class friendship tree. We wrote about what makes someone a good friend on each bird.
Next week we are starting Paired Reading with our chums so every day we will be bring back our workbooks and a book of our choice to read at home (we will not be bring home a school reading book for the two weeks of paired reading). Our normal reading homework will commence on the week beginning Monday 5thMarch.

P2 blog 9/2/18

This week in P2 we have presented our class talks on Famous Scots. We learnt about a lot of different Famous Scots. It was very interesting. We all spoke loud and clear and faced our audience. Some of us dressed up in character, some of us made a PowerPoint and some of us had props and photos. We also learnt about Mary Queen of Scots and Nicola Sturgeon with Miss Cuthbert. In maths we have been using cubes and Numicon to make groups of a given number such as 4×3= (4 groups of 3) etc. we worked together in pairs and on our own. In spelling/phonics we have started the magic e rule and this week we are doing i-e as in pine, smile and shine etc. On Tuesday we learnt about internet safety and how to stay safe online. We learnt not to give any information about ourselves when playing online such as name, age, school or the town we live in. In writing we wrote sentences on our white boards and in our jotters with sentence starts such as My, The, I, The last time, Another thing, Sometimes etc. On Thursday we went to see our chums present Powerpoints they made about Easter.
In PE we are working on our balancing skills and at the end we completed a challenge. Miss Cuthbert said we all made a great effort so we all earned a counter for our group. In French we went over our French colours again and learnt to say please and thank you. On Tuesday we had a Chinese teacher visit us name Mrs Fan. She taught us how to say hello in Mandarin. Next week is Chinese New Year and she will come in to our class on Thursday 15th February. To mark the Chinese new year and to show our thanks to our Chinese teacher we are allowed to bring something red to wear in class on the Thursday afternoon. We can change into or put the red item of clothing on after lunch.
Next week we are off on Monday and Tuesday so our homework is due in on Wednesday 14th February. We hope you all have a fun and safe holiday break.

P2 blog 2/2/18

This week in P2 we have been working on the spelling/sound y as in fly, why and myself. In maths we have been looking at the two times table and doubles as well as revising our even and odd numbers. In handwriting we have been joining the letters n and k together. In French we learnt to say my name is (je m’ appelle). For our Famous Scots topic we learnt about Alexander Fleming and Alexander Bell. Alexander Bell invented the telephone. Just think if he never invented the telephone we would not have mobile phones or the Internet. Miss Cuthbert showed us what a phone looked like when she was a child and we compared it to the mobile phones we use today. We then invented our own phones for the future. Our phones can disappear, give you a puppy, make your dinner and give you all the money in the world. Alexander Fleming invented a medicine called penicillin. Thanks to his discovery many lives have been saved. We linked this to our Health and Wellbeing and looked into different types of medicine. Then we invented our own medicine. Some of our medicines cured meningitis, allergies, chicken pox, eczema and strokes. We also looked at the different ways medicines can be taken/given (pills, liquids, creams etc) and packaged. We then designed our own packaging for our medical creation. On Tuesday afternoon the school had an open literacy afternoon. In P2 we went over Paired Reading. We will be starting Paired Reading with our chums after the February break for 2 weeks. Our Paired Reading books will be sent home every day instead of our normal reading books. We can use the school books provided, our own books from home or books from the local library. In PE we have moved on to working on our balancing skills/ability. It is a lot of fun as some of us wobbled around a lot. In writing we wrote part one of an imaginative story about a pirate. We used adjectives to describe the sea, ship and pirate.

Next week our class talks are due in on Monday 5th February and we will present our talks to the class on Mondays or Tuesday. Tuesday is also Internet Safety day so we will be learning how to keep safe whilst using the internet. In maths we will be working more on times tables by grouping given amounts i.e. 4 groups of 3 = ? 2 groups of 6 =?. In Spelling/Phonics we will be starting magic e. We will be learning about the i-e rule (side, smile and hide). For topic we will be learning about Famous Scottish Ladies.

P2 blog 26/1/18

This week in P2 we have been learning our two times table stations (2,4,6,8 etc) as well as looking at even and odd numbers. Even numbers can be shared out equally and in groups of twos but odd numbers always have one left over. To learn our times tables we have been playing games in class and using topmarks coconut multiples on the laptops. For even and odd we have also been playing games, making posters and playing coconut even and odd on the laptops. For our common words in spelling we wrote silly sentences every day. They were so silly Miss Cuthbert laughed out loud. We have started cursive (joined up) handwriting this week. So far Miss Cuthbert said she is super impressed. We joined s and t together. For phonics/spelling our sound this week is igh as in high, right and bright. We wrote our letters in sand, on our elkinon boards and in play dough. For Topic we learnt about Andrew Carnegie. He was a very kind and generous man. He was born in Dunfermline but emigrated to America when he was young. He worked very hard and became the richest man in the world. He created organisations that gave money to those in need who wanted to make their lives better. His trusts give money towards things like books and educational materials. In America he built lots of libraries to make books available to the poor as well as the rich. He believed the rich people of the world should share their money and help others to make their lives better. In French we played games and sang songs to help us learn our numbers to 20. In writing we wrote a story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The bears were not happy with Goldilocks for stealing their food and breaking their chairs. Some of us read our stories out loud to the rest of the class. We then had to underline all our writing targets in colour pencil before handing in our work.

Next week our spelling/phonics sound is y as in fly, sky, myself etc. In maths we will continue with our two times table. On Tuesday parents are invited into class for the whole school literacy afternoon. We will be looking at Paired Reading. Every year Primary 2 do paired reading with their P6 chums for two weeks. If you can’t make the afternoon Miss Cuthbert can show the DVD after school at 3:20pm or send a paper copy of the Powerpoint home.

P2 blog 19/01/18

This week in P2 we have been adding different coins together to work out the total amount as well as selecting different coins to make a given amount. We used the laptops to play a money game. Here is the link so we can play it at home https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money (or you can google topmarks money game and it is the first option on the search). We have started our new topic Famous Scots and Miss Cuthbert has given us a homework task. The task is a class talk about a famous Scot of our choice. The criteria are in our homework jotters. In class we have been learning about Robert Burns and on Friday we will learn about Saint Andrew. For HWB we went over road safety and made posters in Literacy to remind others how to cross the road safely using the rule Stop, Look and Listen. We then made a street model using our construction toys to demonstrate to Miss Cuthbert and Tyler (S6 helper) our understanding of road safety. We also looked at what makes a good friend. We have some homework to do about what makes a good friend (it will be handed out on Monday 22nd). In French we went over the colours of the rainbow and sang a French colour song. For Art we went outside in the snow and made sphere sculptures, some of us made snowmen and snow ladies, dogs, reindeers, Stormtroopers and BB8. In spelling/phonics/reading we made cupcake posters of our previous learning and then played snap and pairs using cupcake sound/fry’s words cards. Here is a link to explain more about Fry’s words http://www.kenton.kyschools.us/userfiles/12499/Fry%20Words/Fry%201000%20Instant%20Words%20links%20info%20and%20website.pdf. In writing we wrote an imaginative story about the The Wolf and the Three Naughty Pigs. We used verbs to describe the characters, weather and setting.
Mondays PE slot has now been moved to Friday after assembly. So we all have to make sure we have our PE kits for Wednesday and Friday.

P2 blog 12/1/18

This week in P2 we are all really happy to be back and see our friends. We have been revising our previous learning by playing maths and phonics games and activities. Also in maths we have been learning about money. We have looked at the different coins and discussed other ways to pay for things such as bank notes, bank cards, credit cards and mobile phone apps. We then added 3 or 4 coins together to work out their total amount. Next week Instead of collecting counters for table points Miss Cuthbert is going to award us money (plastic coins) and for every £1 we earn we can purchase 5 minutes golden time. In reading we have been working with our books for next week’s homework. We have been reading them to our peers, discussing the type of books they are by looking at the key features and reading aloud to show expression and tone. For topic we learnt that people who investigate and monitor weather are called meteorologists and that they send balloons up in to the sky to measure the temperature. We also learnt that different crops grow in different climates i.e. corn grows in hot weather and rice grows where it is wet, wind vanes show which direction the wind is blowing and it moves the clouds. Did you know that if a pine cone falls from its tree and it’s closed it fell when it was wet and if it is open it was dry? Or that a frog croaks more when it is about to rain? We are also going to carry out a science experiment next week to show a water cycle. A water cycle is when water rises up to the sky to make clouds then it falls back down again in bigger droplets as rain.

Next week PE and homework is as normal. Miss Cuthbert asked if we could check if we have any school reading books at home, that we all have our PE kit back and that we all have indoor shoes to wear in the classroom.

P2 blog 22/12/17

This week in P2 we have been a little tired and excited but we still managed to have lots of fun creating our weather games. We drew backgrounds about weather then we filled in our squares with different instructions such as You are in a flood swim back 2 spaces and A tornado has picked you up go forward 4 spaces etc. For spelling we created a bubble writing poster of all our sounds in P2 so far. We also made some posters for our numeracy wall using Numicon as templates. With our chums we made 3D reindeers using card as well as a Funky Reindeer portrait. It was fun and it was nice spending time with our chums before Christmas. For maths we worked on Christmas themed data handling, addition and subtraction. It was our Christmas party on Thursday so we sprinkled reindeer food in the playground with p1 so Santa and his reindeers would come to our party. It worked and we all got to meet Santa. He gave us all a present. It was so exciting.
Zippy returned to school on Monday. Mrs McCartney found him wandering the corridors looking for our classroom. Miss Cuthbert let one of us take him home until Friday in case Casper came back to kidnap him. On Tuesday night Casper came back to class and stole all our Christmas presents from Miss Cuthbert so we made a song using our musical instruments to ask Casper to come back with our presents. It worked and he brought them back today.
After Christmas we will be revising our learning in maths and spelling as well as learning a bit more about weather with Dr Seuss via Cat in the hat, Thing One and Thing Two.
We hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P2 blog 15/12/17

This week in P2 we have been learning the sound ew as in flew, drew and chew. In maths we have been learning about Data Handling. We have filled in a pictogram and some bar charts. We have also been designing under water super heroes for a competition with our P6 chums. Our wanted and kidnapped posters for Casper and Zippy are up around the school and there have been many sightings and mischief going on but we are still waiting for them to come back to our classroom. Casper put elf notes in our trays and it turns out he has been watching us doing our work in class for months. For topic we learnt that lightning is a flash of electricity created by positive and negative energy and that thunder is the noise of air crashing together in a storm. It is usually heard when you see lightning. We also created a page in our weather book for thunder and lightning as well as a page about hurricanes and another page on Tornadoes. As part of our topic to share our understanding we are going to make board games and have extreme weather as the theme. We have made a rough plan and will make the finished game on our own or with friends to be played in class at golden time. On Thursday the whole school watched a Christmas movie in the hall and we were allowed to wear Christmas jumpers as well as a snack and something comfy to sit on. It was a lot of fun.
Miss Cuthbert has created a list of winter work ideas along with our Glow Login details on a double sided sheet in our bags in case schools are closed due to extreme weather.
Next week the finalists from our class talent show will perform in front of P7 on Monday morning and those chosen by P7 will perform at the school talent show on Friday 22nd December. On Thursday the 21st December it is our Christmas party. We are having our party with P1. P1 and P2 will be laying out reindeer food in the school playground so hopefully Santa’s reindeers can find our school and come to our party.

P2 blog 8/12/17

This week in class we have been learning how to work out missing numbers in subtraction sums using number lines and 100 grids. In Writing we had to create a wanted poster for our elf Casper. He has been very naughty. He has messed up our classroom and kidnapped Zippy! We learnt about adjectives when creating our wanted posters for Casper and Kidnapped posters for Zippy. We used adjectives to describe what Casper and Zippy looked like. We also learnt to put commas after words when making a horizontal list. We have looked all over the school and the playground but we can’t find them anywhere. We think they might be in people’s houses because Zippy knows where we live or they could be in the North Pole. Some of us think they might have swam to Skara Brae or they could be eating all the sweeties in Tesco. We just don’t know. If you see them please let us know as we would like them both back in class. Miss Cuthbert has made a naughty step for Casper to sit on when he gets back.
For spelling we have been going over the au sound as in because, pause and sauce etc. In topic we have designed a front cover for our nonfiction books about extreme weather and drew a landscape picture showing what happens to trees and the land during a drought. We are going to draw pictures and write facts about different types of weather in our books. We are also going to create a contents page and index page as well as a blurb on the back cover. On Tuesday we had lots of fun getting to know our new Principal Teacher Mrs McCartney. She is very nice and kind. We enjoyed spending time with her designing posters for our enterprise night stall on Thursday. Thank you for coming along on Thursday night and helping us raise money for school funds.

Next week our sound will be ew as in drew, flew and chew etc. It is the school Nativity on Wednesday and on Thursday we are having our annual whole school movie in the hall. We are allowed to wear Christmas jumpers and we can bring in a cushion to sit on as well as a snack to eat. Also next week we will be holding auditions in class for our school talent show on Friday 22nd December. We will pick four people to perform in front of the P7s as they will be deciding who goes through to the final on Friday 22nd December.