P1 blog 17/11/17

In numeracy we have been using our mathematical thinking incredibly well this week. We have been looking at numbers to 20 and how they are made, counting forwards and backwards and finding missing numbers. Some of us have been doing similar tasks with numbers up to 100! We are very impressed with our numeracy skills and love exploring the way numbers are made up.
We had our first nativity rehearsal this week. We had to sit very patiently and we were a grrreat audience when our friends were up performing. We are very lucky to have Miss Barnes come down and work with us on a Thursday afternoon to help us with our lines and to help us add lots of expression to our voices. It is very important that we practice at home so please help us as much as you can!
In HWB we focused on something a little different this week. We focused on Gender. We decided that if everyone was the same it would be very boring. We were thinking about colours and toys and P1 thought that we should not have girls toys and boys toys – everyone can play with anything they like as long as we all have fun. We also though that there should not girls and boys colours. We were all very mature in sharing our thinking and had some great discussions. We are trying hard not to talk about girls and boys things because we think it should not matter if you are a girl or boy – we should all just have fun and play together!
Mrs Sharp brought in a special visitor to meet us. Teddy is a very old teddy bear who belongs to Mrs Sharp’s brother – he is 58 years old! We noticed the difference between some of our teddies and Teddy. We loved having him in class with us.
We had a very fun buddy time this week – we made beautiful cats and wrote short stories about them with our P7 buddies. They are very bright and colourful and our cutting skills were put to the test again.
Thank you to everyone who has handed in the Online Learners Journal forms. Please hand these in ASAP (even if you already have an account set up!).

P1 blog 10/11/17

We have been working hard in numeracy this week learning about number sequences. We did lots of counting forwards and backwards. We have been using the Numicon to explore the different ways that numbers are made with tens and units. We have enjoyed getting the laptops out to play some games and feel very grown up using them with our partners.
Our tricky word this week has been ‘me.’ We have been using our tricky words to begin building sentences at our writing table. There are stamps, envelopes and we are using our letter boxes more to write to each other. We are going to be doing lots of work on our letter formation next week and are using lined paper to keep our letters nice and neat.
Many thanks to all of you who have already begun helping your child with their nativity lines. We will be doing lots of rehearsals in school but the more short bursts of line memorising you can do at home the better! We are looking forward to learning the songs and beginning rehearsals.
After hearing lots of stories about our classmates bonfire night fun we made some lovely firework art. We used a variety of different coloured paint and some glitter to make it extra special and sparkly. You will never guess what we used to get a good splattering and colour mixing effect? Teabags! We got to drop them from up high and had so much fun being messy and seeing the colours splatter and mix together.
We went outside to play some parachute games on Wednesday. We had to use really good listening skills to play the games properly. We worked well as a team throwing the ‘popcorn’ high up in the air and tried to keep it on the parachute – it was quite tricky! It was a little chilly outside but most of us had warm coats, hats and scarfs so we had lots of fun. We tend to go outside a few days a week so please help us dress for the weather. We will wear our all in one waterproofs if it is wet but if children can wear welly boots/waterproof shoes that would be great – puddles are far to appealing and fun for us not to jump in them!
Our current topic is ‘Toys: past and present.’ If you or any family members have any older toys you would be happy for us to explore and have a look at please let us know. We are hoping to have an afternoon WB 20th November to play with and explore older toys and consider how they work. If you have anything please send it in with your child’s name clearly labelled – a small description of it would be great too! Some children were very enthusiastic in explaining ‘old’ toys they had seen at home.
Online Learning Journal information has been sent out to all families. Please hand back the information sheet with your details ASAP to allow us to ensure access to your child’s profile. For those of you who used these at nursery I have been adding to these recently so please take a look – please also send in the relevant information sheet as these are required for us in school. If you have any questions/yours is not working please contact the office and we will be able to help you.

P1 blog 3/11/17

In Primary 1 we have been incredibly busy this week. In numeracy we were using the Numicon to see how numbers from 10-20 were made. We have been doing lots of counting out groups of objects and adding them together. We are so excited about numbers that we even listened to a song with numbers up to 100!
In literacy we have impressed Miss Smith by showing how quickly we have recognised our tricky words. We have been saying them, making them with magnetic letters and then writing them out. We have also been working hard on word building and blending this week. We hope you have enjoyed your reading books too. Some of us still need some help remembering where to start and being able to point out individual words.
We were so excited on Thursday afternoon because we got to play with some old toys. It was interesting trying to figure out how they work. We were thinking about toys in the past compared to toys we have now. Do you have any older toys at home we could look at?
On Tuesday we had some visitors from the Wild About Scotland bus. They taught us some things about wildlife in Scotland. We will be doing some Animal art work next week to be displayed in the hall.
We have had lots of visitors this week. We also had a nurse come in and talk to us about staying healthy. She also set up some measuring equipment and scales in our numeracy corner. We had great fun being measured and were excited to see how she was going to do it!

P1 blog 13/10/17

We have had great fun in primary 1 putting on shows this week. Some of us really wanted to create the Little Red Riding Hood and we were very confident performing in front of the class. On Thursday we got to use our imagination and create our own shows. We had some rehearsal time and learned about being a good audience whilst watching our friends perform.
In Literacy we have been learning the sounds ‘p’ and ‘n.’ Lots of us found ‘n’ quite tricky but we will have lots of practice time. We are enjoying forming our letters and are remembering that for all the letters we have learned so far we must start at the top.
In Numeracy we had a whole afternoon outside learning about measurement, numbers that make ten and finding numbers before and after. We really enjoy going outside for numeracy. We have also been looking at dot patterns and we were so impressed by how quickly we could see the number of dots shown. We are also estimating groups of objects too and are getting better and better at it!
Buddy time this week was great fun. Mrs Ramsay set up a challenge for us to create 3D autumn trees. They look fantastic and will be on display for everyone to see. We were very proud and had to use cutting and folding skills to get it right – our pinchy finger muscles must have had a great work out! We also latched onto the autumn theme when creating our Leaf people – we hope you all managed to take a look at parent’s evening. We thought they were very cute.
Thank you to everyone who has handed in a little word pot already – we will need these for the second week back after the October break.
We all hope that you have enjoyed your first term in Primary 1. Have a lovely holiday everyone and we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 24th of October.

P1 blog 6/10/17

Primary 1 has been non-stop this week. We have been having so much fun in numeracy working with number bonds to ten, counting backwards from ten and ‘estimating’ (which is a fancy word for guessing). We love playing in the sand, using the Numicon, pasta and shells and whiteboards to do numeracy. Lots of fun, different things for us to play with.
We spent Tuesday afternoon outside in our all-weather suits. We drew pictures of our school building adding in lots of detail. We also went around the grounds looking for good textures to do some crayon rubbings – the patterns were great and we loved how bumpy they felt. Some of us decided to build the school out of wooden blocks and did very well to create the turrets. To practice our literacy learning we played a sound jumping game and had to jump onto big letters chalked on the ground. It was great fun!
In literacy we have been learning ‘s’ and ‘i’ – for ‘i’ we mainly found words that had the sound in it. We can’t wait for you to see out sound book! We have been enjoying our reading too.
In social studies we were learning about the seasons of the year. We know it is Autumn and our tuff tray is full of Autumn things we found in the playground. I wonder what we will make with it all next week? Miss Smith also played a very funky song about the seasons and some of us made up great dances to go along with it.
All of the teachers have been very impressed with our ECO commitment as we have all decided to do lots of litter picking in the playground at break time to help keep our school tidy.
Thank you to everyone who has already sent in small tubs for tricky words to come home after the October holidays. Please remember to put your child’s name on them. Miss Smith is looking forward to seeing some family members at Parents Evening on Tuesday and Wednesday. Look out for the lovely art work displayed and some photographs will be there to see too as well as some nameless cardigans and jumpers – please remember to label everything as they are more likely to come home with us!

P1 blog 29/9/17

In primary 1 we have begun learning our sounds. This week we learned ‘a’ and ‘t.’ We loved singing the Jolly Phonics songs, doing the actions, practicing writing the letters and thinking of words beginning with these sounds. We are excited for you to see our Sound Book at parent’s evening.
In numeracy we have been doing lots of work with forwards and backwards numbers. We had a whole afternoon of outdoor maths and we had so much fun! We were counting objects, jumping forwards and backwards and even created some beautiful artwork.
With our buddies we created magic potions. We had to use measuring skills to get our potions just right. We explored what happens when we put water in oil and were amazed. We had to be very creative when creating a label for our potion to describe what it does.
On Thursday we went outside to explore our school grounds and garden. We found out that there are lots of different types of trees in our school because we found different leaves. We used binoculars to find birds and magnifying glasses to explore the ground for bugs.
In PE we had great fun playing with lots of different apparatus to practice ball control. Mrs Clapton got out lots of different equipment for us to play with and have fun. It was great seeing what all the different pieces of equipment did.

P1 blog 22/9/17

Primary one have had yet another busy week! On Wednesday we became famous again when having our photographs taken for another newspaper. We all had such smiley faces and cannot wait to see our photographs in two newspapers!
We have been doing lots of work on teen numbers this week and have been finding out how they are made up. Lots of us noticed that the units started all over again from one to 9 but with a ten in the number too! We love using numicon to play around with the numbers and explore how they are made.
On Wednesday we went out bird watching. Our first photographer had a little pink bird in his camera that managed to escape! We went out building nests for it, drew pictures of it from our imagination (or actual sightings!) and Miss Smith and Mrs Kerr were so impressed with our team work throughout these activities.
We have been hearing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk this week and some of us managed to build a beanstalk the length of the room! We had to persevere as it kept breaking but we were so excited and impressed. Our pinchy finger muscles were very tired from all the building with little cubes!
Next week we will have our first set of homework sent out including Phonics work, reading and also some numeracy. It will be due in on Friday.
Thank you to everyone who has already sent in a glass jar for our potion making on Tuesday with buddies – keep sending them in!

P1 blog 15/9/17

In primary one we have had another busy week! We have been very lucky and have been given some new resources to use in our classroom. We now have an easel so we can draw and paint, a sandpit and a cool new Tuff tray for keeping messy play in one place.
We have had to have our best smiley faces this week and have had our photographs taken. Once for school photographs and the other for the Courier. We were so excited to find out we are going to be famous so look out for our lovely class photo in the newspaper.
In numeracy we have been counting forwards and backwards to and from 20. We love doing it in different voices, starting at different numbers and singing lots of songs to help us. We find counting backwards quite tricky and need some help recognising and knowing our numbers from 10-20.
In writing, we did some excellent drawings of ourselves turning on a light. We are adding lots of detail to our pictures and are beginning to make up stories around the theme of our pictures. Miss Smith was very impressed.
Come along to our Literacy Workshop on Wednesday 20th September at 3:20. Mrs Cleland and Miss Smith will give you lots of information to help us with our literacy.
Homework will begin for primary one the week beginning the 25th September.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone – see you on Wednesday!

P1 blog 8/9/17

In primary 1 we have had another very busy week! In literacy we have been practicing our letter formations and doing some ‘Pinchy Finger Exercises.’ We are getting much better at taking turns and are trying hard to listen well when others are talking. We loved our circle time game on Monday – Doggy, Doggy where’s my bone.
In numeracy we have been doing a lot of counting, ordering and playing with the colourful numicon shapes and we love them! They stick really well into playdough for counting the circles and we loved using them to prove to Miss Smith that 6 definitely comes after 5.
Being very sensible and focusing well we loved playing a game of copycat on Tuesday. We had to be mirror images of our partner. It was quite tricky but we got the hang of it.
We have also been doing some thinking about friendship and deciding what makes a good friend. Why not chat to us at home about what we can do to make children in our class feel good about themselves?
Mrs Kerr has been helping us with lots of different activities this week and we love having her in class. She has been helping us with symmetrical patterns and reading – it has been great fun.
Next week we will be discussing our favourite places in Linlithgow. Could you have a chat with us at home and help us decide where this is? It could be the park, a shop, a house.
Thank you to everyone who came along to meet Miss Smith on Monday. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of our lovely art work up on the wall. We were very excited about our rainbow fish and hope that you loved them as much as we do.

P1 blog 1/9/17

In primary 1 we have been having lots of fun exploring our classroom, making friends and getting to know the routines of a school day. We have been reading lots of stories about the golden rules and are learning how to be kind, gentle and polite. Lots of teachers in school have already noticed how polite we are. We have learned about ‘Rights’ and we all know that everyone around the world has rights to help keep them safe, happy and healthy. Our buddies have been a great help at break and lunch time and together we have made beautiful rainbow fish after we read The Rainbow fish story. To help us with our writing we have been doing lots of ‘Pinchy Finger Exercise’ (fine motor skills) to make our muscles nice and strong. We have loved playing with the playdough, marbles, pine cones and elastic bands and have been practicing holding pencils and writing on paper. Playing outside is one of our favourite things to do. We have been scientists looking for bugs, artists drawing all over the ground, monsters playing games and explorers looking for bears! PE has been great fun and we love going with Mrs Clapton to the hall to run and around and have lots of fun. We do PE on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are excited for you to come into our classroom for ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Monday 4th September (6-7pm). Look out for our rainbow fish, self -portraits and our fabulous Jellyfish!