P1 blog 23/3/18

In literacy we have been doing a lot of blending and building. Our new interactive board means we have been using this to make and blend different words using the sounds we have learned. We really enjoyed our writing lesson this week. The letters we wrote to all of you were fantastic and we really hope you enjoyed reading about our proudest moment.

In numeracy our focus this week has been on addition. We have made it trickier by hiding some objects and counting on to find the total. We have been able to share some fantastic strategies and our mathematical brains have been working really hard.

On Wednesday we went out for a ‘Spring’ walk. Whilst we were able to see some little buds and new plants starting to grow we were interested to see not as many new plants as expected. We decided that this is because of the weather – hopefully the sunshine will come out soon to help them grow. This followed on very nicely from our exciting learning with Miss Barnes who taught us about different flowers and encouraged us to explore different plants at our flower station this week.

We have loved our gymnastics topic over the past few weeks. We have demonstrated excellent balancing, forward rolls, pencils rolls and safe jumping. We have been encouraging our peers and had great fun using some of the equipment.

Thank you very much to all of you for coming along to parents evening – what a great 2 nights celebrating and sharing the fantastic work of the children this year!


P1 blog 16/3/18

This week in P1 we have been very lucky to have 2 teachers working with us. Miss Barnes will be working with us for the rest of our time in P1. We have worked hard to make her feel very welcome, show her around our classroom and explain the rules/routines of P1.
Miss Barnes taught us about floating and sinking this week and we had such fun designing and making some boats. It was great to see the experimentation of different materials and, after some Titanic style sinking, the children went back to the drawing board to adapt and recreate their boats based on what they had learned from their first attempt.
In literacy we have all been doing some excellent blending and building. We have been having great fun with our tricky words by including them in some very silly sentences. Our reading books were completed to a very high standard this week and we enjoyed using different types of punctuation in our writing.
In numeracy we have been focusing on addition. We have been finding ‘how many altogether’ and have done some excellent mathematical thinking, explaining our strategies to our friends very well.
Wee reminder – class talks will begin on Monday. Please send in all resources for the children on Monday and we will work through them over the course of the week. Feedback will be sent home as a paper copy for you to see how your child got on and celebrate the success of their first class talk!
I look forward to seeing you all at Parent’s Evening on Tuesday and Wednesday and the children are excited for you to see some of the hard work they have been doing over the course of P1.

P1 blog 9/3/18

After a few days playing in the snow (and having great fun by the sound of it!) primary 1 have come back to school raring to go! You can upload photographs onto the online journals of things your child is working on at home – I would love to see some of the fabulous things they get up to!

In literacy we have been focusing on building and blending this week. We have enjoyed being rude with the ‘th’ sounds by sticking out our tongues. The children requested a story writing table on Thursday and a few of them worked together to write a book! It’s great to see so many of them using their phonics learning to write their own stories.

In numeracy we are moving into bigger numbers. We love counting backwards and forwards up to and beyond 100 and enjoy playing with the enormous 100’s square in our classroom. We have also been making our own addition sums, using the addition and equals signs. We have been doing the calculations mentally then ‘double checking’ using concrete materials (beans!).

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mr McGilliard this week – he is a joiner. He brought lots of tools in to show us and we learned about the different roles of people on building sites. Some of us thought it would be a good idea to try out the drill on our walls…

With class talks coming up, please come and have a chat if I can do anything to help. PPTs can be emailed to the office or brought in on a pen drive (please label!). All props etc required should be brought in by Monday 19th March.


P1 blog 23/2/18

Our ‘people who help us’ learning has been great fun this week! We all wrote a list of people who help us and had a lovely visit from a very kind visitor who came in to chat to us about being a doctor. It was great to hear that primary 1 are already using skills such as team work and communication and are, of course, very caring! We can’t wait for more visits next week.
Through our play we have been learning about Charles Rennie Mackintosh and created some lovely art inspired by the artist. We used black line drawings and rulers and have made a beautiful display to show off our great work and attention to detail.
In maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We have had shapes out to play with in class and went outside on a shape hunt – out school building is covered in spheres, cylinders and triangular prisms. We found that the climbing wall shapes have 13 faces making it a tridecahedron.
We have had great fun learning our diagraph (two letters working together to make one sound) ‘ch’ this week. On our letter boards these sounds are joined together to remind us that they are friends. We have also been reading some interesting non-fiction texts. We all think our reading is improving every week!
As part of health and wellbeing we have been learning about PANTS. We enjoyed the catchy song that reminds us of the rules we learned and now have a wonderful washing line of brightly coloured pants hanging on our wall. The Pantasaurus was hilarious!

P1 blog 16/2/18

What excellent stories primary 1 have been writing this week. We learned that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We also learned about setting and character and were able to create stories using these 5 aspects. The level of detail in our drawings was excellent too!
In mathematics (not numeracy – that’s numbers!) we have been learning about 2D shapes. We enjoyed exploring corners and edges and got very excited when, in groups, we used our bodies to create different shapes. The most exciting part of the lesson was counting the edges of a dodecagon and describing it as a pizza or umbrella.
We were very lucky to have a lovely buddy time this week. They made pancakes for us, helped us build enormous, intricate towers and taught us some of their different styles of drawing. We love spending time with our buddies – they are great!
We are all looking forward to the next half of this term, learning more sounds, new ways of looking at number and learning about people who help us.

P1 blog 9/2/18

What great fun we have had this week in p1. Our visit from 2 local police officers kick started our ‘People who help us’ topic. We had lots of questions for them like “what clothes do you wear when your police clothes get dirty; why don’t you use monster trucks; how fast can you run?” The children were reminded about personal safety strategies such as stranger danger, crossing roads and looking after property and the police role within these. The most invaluable thing for the children was realising that the police officers are not scary and are there to help them any time they need it.
In numeracy we have been counting 2 groups of items. Because one group of items is covered we have had to use mental addition strategies to work out ‘how many altogether.’ Some of us break numbers up (partition) to help add, others imagine the shapes of the numbers and count on and some are using their fingers to find totals – all excellent strategies!
In writing this week we wrote about what we wanted to be when we grow up. Some of us did our best piece of writing yet. Around the room there was lots of independent word building, using full stops and finger spaces. In reading we have been exploring non-fiction texts. We know these are not stories but rather information books. These will be the focus of our reading homework after the February break.
We had lots of fun playing outside on Thursday afternoon. We fed the birds, created art with chalk and puddles, did word building with beanbags, created our own castle, played with dice. It was great fun despite the rain.
In PE we are focusing on controlled ball skills. We are getting much better at throwing and catching and love practicing with small tennis balls. Why not play a throwing and catching game to help us practice even more?
I hope you all have a very well rested February break. The children have worked incredibly hard so far this term and I hope they enjoy their well-deserved rest! See you all on Wednesday.

P1 blog 2/2/18

What great fun primary 1 have had making Cranachan this week. We learned that it is a traditional Scottish dessert using local ingredients. To make it healthier we swapped the cream for yogurt. We did lots of squashing, mixing and measuring whilst our buddies did the oat toasting for us. We can’t wait to have a taste.
In literacy we have been learning y and z. What excitement when we realised we have almost finished the alphabet! We have been doing some word building, sentence reading and some outstanding reading this week.
We were great mathematicians this week too. We organised ourselves into equal groups, did lots of counting forwards and backwards and are all exploring addition using a range of numbers. A few of us have a favourite number – infinity! We had a chat about ‘the concept of infinity’ because some of us knew it is not an actual number but rather a big idea. We love exploring numbers!
The primary 1 children have decided to use the shop in a different way this week – fixing it, measuring it and turning it into a construction site. I am sure they will be excited to see what we have planned for it next week!
Thank you to everyone who joined us on Tuesday to see what we get up to in p1! Your help with boat making was much appreciated. On Wednesday we were able to use them to explore floating and sinking. Some of us had to balance our boats to stop them tipping over.
Next week we have a surprise visit from the community police officer to kick start our people who help us topic. Thank you to those people who have already offered to come in and share their expertise with the children. Look out for a note in the homework next week with a plea for more parents to share their jobs and how they help people!

P1 blog 26/1/18

We have been having great fun in dance this week. Our focus has been using the number 8 to guide our movements and allow us to move in time with the music. We have been doing dances individually to get the hang of the beat before moving on to some partner work. We had some time for free dancing and we loved being creative with our different moves.

In numeracy we have been doing lots of counting groups. We are getting good at counting on from the big number and using our fingers with greater accuracy. We have also been doing lots of counting backwards. It would be great if you could help us practice this at home, especially counting backwards over the decade (eg. 22, 21, 21, 19).

When learning the sound ‘j’ this week we learned about alliteration. Some of us had great fun making up sentences with words beginning with ‘j.’ We also wrote some lovely character descriptions of Katie Morag and were able to use some great attention to detail when drawing a picture of her.

We also kept the theme of Katie Morag and some of us have designed our own islands. Before doing this we learned what an island was, talked about borders and looked at some maps of islands.

We are all looking forward to having you come in to visit us on Tuesday afternoon from 2:15. There will be lots of things to play with and another Katie Morag themed challenge for you to take part in! Remember, you can also go off and explore the school and take a look in other classes.

P1 blog 19/01/18

We have had so much fun playing in the snow this week. At play time we have been building snowmen, making walls and creating lovely art. A few of us made a snowman that ended up covered in dry leaves – we decided to call it ‘Hairy McLary.’ We then went out later in the day with some coloured water and pipettes and made lovely art work in the snow. Hairy McLary ended up being multi-coloured! We have also been very responsible in dressing for the weather and making sure we are cosy before going outside.
In PE we have been doing some great dancing. We are focusing on 8 beats, performing different actions on each beat. We love time at the end to show off our moves and copy one and other.
Numeracy has been fun this week – we are very excited to be moving on to numbers beyond 20. We have been doing lots of addition and some of us have been using great mental strategies to do sums. To help us at home you could help my flashing numerals and asking us what the number is, counting backwards from 30 and practicing our number formations.
We also learned about the importance of washing our hands and how to wash them thoroughly. This tied in with some cooking we did with our buddies on Thursday afternoon. We had to do some crushing and mixing and were able to observe knife safety when our buddies were chopping some other ingredients. Can you remember the ingredients that went into our lovely rocky road?

P1 blog 8/12/17

Our nativity rehearsals are going very well! Thank you so much to all the people at home who have been helping us learn our songs – it has definitely paid off. We are so excited for our performance and can’t wait to wave to you all from the stage. We had a special buddy time too. They came down to be a fantastic audience for one of our nativity rehearsals and then they took us back to our classroom and read stories to us. We love spending time with our buddies and they are great story tellers.
In literacy we have been doing some excellent word building. We were making words with O and F in them. We have also been having great fun forming our letters and writing our tricky words in the sand. Can I please ask that all sound wallets, tricky word tubs and any reading books are brought in – these will be sorted out over the holiday.
In numeracy we have been finding the missing numbers in number lines, counting forwards and backwards and practicing our number formations too. We have been counting different amounts and adding groups together.
We were very lucky to have a visit from Andrew’s baby sister Abbie. We were learning about babies, what they need and how to look after them. We set up activities for Abbie to play with and got to have fun having her in class. Thank you to Andrew’s mummy for coming in to share some of her knowledge with us and answer our questions.
Thank you to everyone who has already sent in Nativity costumes – please send these in ASAP.